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A Nourishing Community


* According to various spoken versions of stories of Baba Yaga, the ambigous mother and witch of Russian folktales

„She walked, walked, and walked, and there stood a hut on chicken legs. She said: „Hut, hut, turn your eyes to the forest, your gate to me, so I can go in and out.“ The hut turned its eyes to the forest, and its gate toward her. She went in and there sat Baba Yaga, her breasts hanging over a rod, she was raking the coals with her nose and was sweeping the stove with her tongue. Baba Yaga asked: „Fair Maiden, have you come of your own will or not?“ *

MYCELIUM is the second part of a series of the artistic exploration of the maternal body.

Based on body images from society, microbiology, folk tales and dreams, we embark on a search for the maternal body. The boundaries between organisms become blurred – we exchange information between yeast bacteria and skin cells, between eardrum and optic nerve. We grow, we spread out, we split into a thousand pieces. Where does my body begin? And am I actually here voluntarily?

MYCELIUM is a performance by Annina Mosimann and Fernando Munizaga in which sound and movement are inseperably intertwined.
Through the complex sound installation, instruments, microphones, objects, material and the player’s body and voice are connected and influence each other.
In the auditorium, instruments with so-called sound transducers are installed, which produce sound. The player on stage reacts and acts with these sounds, influences them and is influenced by them.
This creates an interplay between instruments and material, between the player’s body and sound, and a dialogue between two artists where it is no longer clear who gives the impulses and who receives them.

Duration: 40 min.
Audience: adults
Idea, concept, play: Annina Mosimann
Sound design, composition: Fernando Munizaga
Artistic support, outside eye: Nicole Mossoux
Artistic collaboration: Raquel Mutzenberg-Andrade
Light / Technique: Lukas Schneider
Mentor: Julika Mayer
Video, photo: Patricio González

Supported by: Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart, Theater Stadelhofen Zürich, Stiftung Landesbank Baden-Württemberg