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Masa Mater


Am Anfang war die Mutter.
Körper gebären sich, verschlingen sich und lösen sich gleichsam ineinander auf. Ein animalischer, kosmischer Kreislauf. Dies ist eine solche Geschichte.
Und es ist eine Geschichte von Nähten und Öffnungen und von aufgehendem Teig in Baba Yagas Küche.

The short solo-piece MASA MATER is the first part of a series of the artistic exploration of the maternal body.

Since time immemorial the maternal body is the scene of political, philosophical and mythological discourses. A fiercely contested, ever-changing and existential body, from whose seams and orifices countless stories incessantly arise.

MASA MATER is a solo for one performer and an investigation of our animal bodies.
Drawing on maternal images and bodies from society, myths, folktales and dreams, a fifteen-minute surreal play with the human body is created using dough, a table and various tools. A lump of sourdough comes to life, is deformed and merges with the body of the player.

MASA MATER has been nominated for the Fritz-Wortelmann-Prize in Bochum in 2021.

Duration: 15 min.
Public: Adults

Idea, concept, play: Annina Mosimann
Artistic support, outside eye: Julika Mayer, Lara Epp
Light advice: Joachim Fleischer
Photos: Gerda Knoche, Liesbeth Nenoff
Video: Beatriz Medina, Andres Senatore, Álvaro García